The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corp pulled the plug remotely on over 50% of Video Lottery Terminals (VLT’s). This is in an effort to support the Prime Minister’s plees to maintain social distancing. All Canadians are trying to do their part in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. This virus has killed thousands across the globe and all entities need to take it seriously.

There was a general manager of a hotel in Winnipeg who spoke out anonymously. He said that there are still around 2,500 VLTs that are actively working. The gaming terminals have actually been rearranged to create distance between players. There is a six-feet distance rule for those in enclosed space and this isn’t being adhered to. So while the Crown Corporation did their due diligence and remotely stopped many of the VLT’s, they didn’t actually check to see if they did the job right.

Covid-19 guidelines say that non-essential services should be temporarily closed as a way of saving lives. Canadian casinos and Bingo halls have been shut down to stop the spread. Many casino lovers are turning to playing their favorite games online. So people are shocked to say the least that Manitoba is blatantly breaking the rules at the risk of others. The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries is getting a bad rap too because they’re a Crown Corporation.

 VLTs Blatantly Breaking the Rules

Justin Trudeau has pleaded and sometimes even mildly threatened Canadians to stay home and avoid contact with others right now. There’s the hope that everything can go back to normal soon but that certainly won’t happen if people are heading out to play VLTs. The machines themselves put people at risk because they’re in close contact. Also, the virus sticks on surfaces for more than 72 hours so everyone that plays these games could potentially be spreading to one another.

It is likely that when people are engaged with VLTs, they are far less likely to adhere to the strict hygiene rules to ensure safety. The Crown Corporation had to shut down two casinos and a gaming center in Manitoba last month. They stated that an induvial VLT-licence holder could choose for themselves whether to leave the games operating for customers. There have been no fines laid on anyone in Manitoba currently offering the services.

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