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Current Promotions for Casino

It is not uncommon that online casino offers some sort of a promotion to satisfy their customers and to attract new players. How these promotions are set up differ from each casino but are in most cases similar.

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the active promotions for online casinos that is why we present the various promotions for every single online casino operating in Canada.

Different kind of promotions:

Free Spins

Most of you probably know what Free spins are at this point. Basically it means that the casino gives you an X amount of Free spins that can be used in one, or several, Casino Slot. This is either set up that you are awarded the Free spins when you sign in to the account. Or they give out free spins to their customers on a regular basis. Often you are awarded more free spins when signing up compared to free spins given out in general. Sometimes when the Casino launches a new casino slot they give out free spins to every player so that they can try it out


Sometimes it is good to keep an eye on the yearly calendar. It is quite common that different casinos have a special promotion linked to some kind of event. This could be during Christmas, during Easter or any other holiday. That means that the promotion is limited through a set of dates and if you miss it you have lost your chance. That is why it can be a good thing to check in on our page when a holiday is nearby so you can keep track on upcoming promotions.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is something that is given to already existing customers and is similar to the Welcome offer. Usually, the reload bonus is slightly smaller compared to the welcome offer but that differs from casino to casino.

Good things to remember

Dates of the promotion

It is important to read the terms & conditions for the promotion because usually, the promotion is within a specific type of date. That means that if you join the promotion late you may not clear the wagering requirements before the time is over.

Wagering requirements

As stated above it is quite good to always be reading the T&C to find about information regarding the wagering requirements. In some cases, the free spins given out are without any restrictions. But in some cases, the casino enforces you to wager the potential winnings before withdrawing. That is why we recommend you to always read.