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Craps is very much a social game and you’ll find it in any casino if you just follow the cheering and high fives. It’s a simplified version of a previous western European game called Hazard that dates back several centuries. The beauty of Craps is that it puts you and any other players in control of the action. Throwing the dice down the table will always give you a great buzz as the crowd cheers you on hoping for a winning outcome.

Although it’s a simplified version of an older game, the Craps table can leave many people with a confused look on their face. It can be a struggle to know where to begin with all of those table markings and bet options. But fear not, read on and we’ll simplify this traditional casino game for you. You’ll be rolling the dice in no time at all, whether that’s down your local casino or at one of the many online casinos available on the internet today.

How To Play Craps

First up, the player who throws the dice is called the “shooter” and they start the betting round with a come-out roll (or you press the “Roll” button in the online version). One of three outcomes will now occur depending on the number of the first roll.

  • Natural – rolling a number 7 or 11 means that you win and roll again
  • Craps – rolling a 2, 3, or 12 means that you lose but you get to roll again (sometimes a 12 means a push – your bet is given back to you)
  • Point – rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 activates your Point number. You need to roll the dice again and hit your Point number again to win

Now you know how to shoot craps and which of the numbers you are looking to roll, let’s look at the basic betting options on the table.

Pass or Don’t Pass Bets

You can only place these two bets before the Point number has been set. “Pass Line” is backing that the shooter will pass (win) by hitting a Natural or Point number before they lose on a seven. “Don’t Pass” is backing that the shooter will not pass (lose) by hitting a 2 or 3, or doesn’t manage to the roll the Point number again before a seven shows up. If a 12 shows up then this results in a Push – you neither win or lose.

Come or Don’t Come Bets

You can only place these two bets after the Point number has been set and they work in the same way as the “Pass” and “Don’t Pass” bets. “Come” bets are won if the shooter rolls a Natural and loses if the Craps numbers appear (2, 3, or 12). If the Point is rolled out then it becomes the Come-Bet Point number and you’ll win if that number is rolled again before the 7. Placing a “Don’t Come” bet will result in wins if a 2 or 3 shows up but a loss with a 7. The number 12 again results in a Push. 


Craps will take some time to master but you only need to memorize a few of the basics to enjoy the game. Playing a few games online with practice money will put you in a good position to start making real money bets. Craps online can be a lot of fun so don’t be fooled by the complicated table. You’ll understand that it is straightforward once you understand the basic Pass and Come bets.

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